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Open Automation Systems

ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH is proud of many automation references from industries dominant in their sector.

Wood and window industry Wood and window industry

In case of crafted systems and complex production lines ANDRAS Automation System is employed.

Simple order data management, associated with mainly automatic machine retro-fitting, makes it possible that any change as desired can be made between series production and special design (down to item number 1).

The communication to the IT system of the user offers a maximum level of transparency and thus optimum inspection of production.

Plastics and automobile industry

The manufacture of plastic parts is characterized by high item numbers per unit of time. The particularly rapid and precise reacting of removal systems with different operational states is ensured here by the employment of ANDRAS Control Systems.

Current sensor technology and the application of optimal mathematical models form the basics for unchangeable characteristics of robotics between cold and continuous operation in case of:

Acceleration > 7 g
Speeds > 8 m/sec
Extraction times < 500 ms

Plastics and automobile industry
Special and specific machine construction Special and specific machine construction

The system house ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH offers comprehensive know-how for the application of special automation concepts. As an example here; the continuous regulation of wire tension of the wires of more than 100 rotating coils (acceleration: 4 g), arranged on the baskets of a cable stranding system (e.g. manufacture of submarine cable; system length 150 m).




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