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OA Open Automation

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The ANDRAS product family is a modular, open, freely-programmable hardware platform, which combines PLC and CNC functionality and allows communication to all bus systems.


OAC Open Automation Control

Microprocessor systems of different power classes are available here, which are simply attached on module-assembly support rails.

The automation system offers a great number of additional components, such as

  • module assemblies with digital inputs and outputs
  • module assemblies with analog inputs and outputs
  • module assemblies with intelligent interfaces
  • module assemblies for communication to all bus systems
  • module assemblies for customer-specific systems
  • etc.

The operating systems and programming languages are customized for this under the term


Open Automation Language

Comprehensive know-how and well-founded knowledge about

  • the sequence,
  • the optimization and
  • the security

of production processes of market-dominant industries, provided the stimulus for ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH to develop special operating systems.

These operating systems (firmware) and their programming tools make it possible to represent complex production sequences, where the entire scope of performance of usual PLC and CNC commands is available with a three-digit code.

In this case, using objects and/or modules of the control system, among other things, also motorized axes, are addressed, as well as checked and controlled by means of feedback system.

In this way, three-phase AC current servo-systems, however, also to three-phase AC current standard motors, are usable for kinematic tasks, without mathematical models, in diverse fields of application with minimum expenditure.


The link for the intelligent drive technology is


Open Automation Drive

For the intelligent drive world, ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH has developed system components and software, which make available to the user the special function scope for centralized and decentralized solutions.

For many market-dominant drive manufacturers, these functions are already existing. Here, the bus systems

  • CANopen,
  • Profibus,

are mainly used for the regulation, control and data exchange. The coupling of ANDRAS Drive Intelligence via the BITBUS protocol represents a particularly low-cost and well-proven solution.

The intelligent servo-drives of Andrive Antriebstechnik GmbH offer field-tested drive systems, which make available PLC and CNC functionality in decentralized form at the servo-axis.

Integrable mechatronik functions, such as

  • electronic cam mechanism
  • positioning on the fly
  • electronic gear
  • electronic cam disk, as well as
  • digital inputs/outputs

are connected via field bus and minimize the considerable programming and installation expenditure.



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