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High quality of automation solutions is always present when complex tasks and processes can be simply handled with a few, however, intelligent components.

An important prerequisite for that is a universally usable hardware platform.

ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH has therefore developed a system family of automation products under the hardware concept

OAC - Open Automation Control

whose open microprocessor architecture creates these prerequisites.

Comprehensive know-how and well-founded knowledge about

  • the sequence,
  • the optimization and
  • the securing

of production processes of market-dominant industries provided the stimulus for ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme GmbH to develop special operating systems, which are available under the software concept

OAL - Open Automation Language

for the most important automation solutions.


  • OALsysR for handling and robotics technology
  • OALsysPro for workpiece monitoring and process control
  • OALsysPac for packaging processes

High production and manufacture quality is always achieved when the communication is implemented operating-oriented with respect to the process.

In this case, the prerequisite is that reasons for malfunction are unambiguously identifiable and purposeful indications of a fast removal are provided.

The application of ANDRAS operating systems and languages of the product group

OAL - Open Automation Language

is based on the technology for the linking of mini-PLC modules. Logical sequences are generated by the conferring of mutual orders, which simultaneously guarantee that the program description and extensive fault diagnostics are also generated.

In association with the central intelligent drive system:

OAD - Open Automation Drive

of ANDRIVE Antriebstechnik GmbH decentralized, automation solutions have become possible, which significantly reduce the installation and switchgear cabinet volume, and thus also the system costs.



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